Грант строй сервис ООО. Архитектурно-строительная компания

Compulsion. We guarantee unconditional performance of the obligations taken up. Who works for all with our company there should be a confidence that promises the companies given by employees will be executed precisely and in time.

Continuous perfection. Constant aspiration to improvements – pledge of constant development of the company and its employees.

Partnership. We are sincerely interested in successes of our Customers. We aspire to make any Customer the partner of our company, for the purpose of forming of long-term, mutually advantageous relations.

Innovations. We are guided by the best world achievements in the field of building. We apply the advanced technologies in this area.

Development. We are deeply and comprehensively study the target market in order to identify the desires / needs and then meet those needs more skilled and efficient than competitors' methods.

Openness. We - open a modern company, we follow the principles of ethics and professionalism in relationships with customers, partners, employees and society. Implementation of the above principles to achieve their strategic goals is the main task and responsibility of every employee of our company.

As a rule, any company aspires to success, that is transition from present a condition in a certain future desirable condition. And achievement of this condition is a company strategic target at a current stage of its development. Accordingly, estimating, it is successful or not succeed the project, it is necessary to divide success of a product and success of the project.

The project's success - a success of product design and project management success.

The product is successful if it is received as a result of that problem was solved, because of which started the project, and if the product has helped get the organization in achieving its strategic goals. The project is successful if the work product performed as efficiently as possible and the product meets the requirements of the customer.

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Ltd. epoxy on the device and the Turkish construction company "Ant Construction Industry and Trading Company" in talks with "Geospetsstroy". 12 350 square meters, total construction
Ltd. "Geospetsstroy" in talks with the Turkish construction company "Ant Yapi Prokons Consortium" for finishing the work under the key.